My name's Ed! I live in London and work in marketing. This is my personal website to gather together all the various things I've been working on into one place.

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I'm on inbound.org, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I've recently graduated...


I graduated in July 2015 from the University of Bristol having studied Economics & Management. I researched online platforms and published a dissertation titled How Online Platforms Co-Create Value: Designing Uber, Airbnb and New Billion Dollar Marketplaces.

I work in marketing...

Most of my work is spent with inbound.org - a professional network and online community of marketers which I've been working on since September 2012.

I *REALLY* like flying


I'm a travel geek plane nerd. I'm fascinated by the mix of the engineering, the business, the flying experience, and increasingly hacking airfares for fun and profit - who doesn't like cheap flights?!