Starting "Notes to Self"

Why "Notes to Self" ? Seems a bit self-indulgent...

The common advice amongst folks on the internet is to BLOG. Something I sort of agreed with, but never executed. That was until a friend challenged me in-person (here's his schpiel on it) that I really began to think about how to make this into a thing. My thing. So having planned to set aside time to do it, here I find myself in the Christmas holidays with a few spare moments.

But, I fear this may have been a project without a deep intrinsic motivation and purpose. The trouble is, I've been slightly spoiled with large big audiences for things I've published previously. Though they're entirely vanity metrics, a large readership motivates more writing and creation of content. A lot of people gave a damn about what I had to say. WOW!

I figured I wouldn't write on a personal blog unless I have an audience to write for - I want *someone* to find my time and efforts to be worthwhile. Seems only natural to want to find an audience for what I want to write here.

But, there's nothing stopping that someone being me..?

There's a bunch of stuff I really should make a bigger effort to write down. I'd find it useful. It'd make it easier to share more complex ideas - "I've had a number of thoughts on this before, and post them on my blog here...".

My favourite use of this tactic is Dharmesh Shah who I work with, who writes posts around issues that really pain him, buys a domain name that's easy to remember (like and drop into everyday conversation - online and offline. Maximum convenience!

So, here's a bunch of posts written by me to be read by me. You might find them useful. You might find some to be complete gibberish. And maybe some of it will be worth getting a custom domain to redirect to..!

Here's to a lot of writing.