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Most of my time is spent growing - a professional network and community for marketing professionals. I’ve been working there since September 2012 where I was the first hire.

Since starting as the only hire with a few hours a week, we've grown from 5,000 members to 140,000+ members, built a team of developers, designers, marketers and more, and grown a jobs board with thousands of applicants each month.

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One of the last things I did in my undergraduate degree was a research dissertation into online platforms. The final paper was titled How Online Platforms Co-Create Value: Designing Uber, Airbnb and New Billion Dollar Marketplaces. “Gigaplatforms” is a nod to the billion dollar valuations and revenues these platforms can and will continue to generate.

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Great British Take Off

Who doesn't like cheap flights? I'm working on an app to make a bunch of techniques I use to regularly save 60-70% on airfares from into something more accessible for friends who aren't plane nerds.

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