Come fly with me, let's geek, let's geek away...

Those who really know me, they’ve been on the receiving end of some serious geekdom. And that thing I can geek about for no end… it’s that whole flying thing.

I commence my confession by classifying the four things I geek out about avation...

  1. You are FLYING! The whole experience of being in a chair, in the sky, like a Greek god, being served drinks, just casually blasting across the world…
  2. You are FLYING! The engineering side of how a wing works, jet turbines, the *huge* forces involved. Mind = blown.
  3. There's no business like the airline business. Few things quite come close to the global, capital intensive, foreign exchange, multi-market, multi-culture, indescribably complex operation and strategy of running an airline
  4. The puzzle of finding absurdly cheap flights. Like 60… 70… 80% off business class flights (ergo: the same budget as economy) AND THEN the same trick again in economy. Fly more OR fly in more style. MOAR!

But, people do take an interest. A much more meek and mild interest. I guess flying means travel. Travel means experiences. Experiences make life what it is. In particular, people take people find the cheap flights + optimised experience interesting.

And... I feel like I need to write this down in a way that will be useful to someone at some point.

So, here’s a quick poll for you friends and followers… what do you want me to write about? What do you need a friendly plane geek to help you out with? I’m particularly thinking of my fellow Brits, whom I've probably the most useful advice.

Your options are...

1. Maximising one’s flying experience

  • Finding great seats
  • Getting awesome free booze on the ground and in the air
  • Achieving elite status on airlines
  • General rockstar treatment

2. Aeronautical engineering and technology

  • How planes fly
  • New aircraft and technology
  • The future of flight
  • Awesome engineering stuff

3. Unravelling the business of aviation

  • The business of the airline business
  • Global economics in the aviation market
  • What airline stocks I've bought and why
  • Aviation M&A analysis

4. Finding you absurdly cheap flights

  • Advanced frugal flight search
  • Finding obscenely cheap economy class deals
  • Finding obscenely cheap business class deals
  • Earning and burning air miles like a boss.

Those are your big four...

I’ll make a series for you on this blog in the coming weeks.

Choose your destiny - go!

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